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Robert Hand

100 Independence Place

Ste 207

Tyler, TX 75703


Advisor Resource Council

17300 Dallas Parkway

Ste. 2065

Dallas, TX 75248

P: 972.421.1360


March 4, 2020




This brochure supplement provides information about Robert Hand that supplements the Advisor Resource Council brochure. You should have received a copy of that brochure. Please contact Sarah Pais at 972.421.1360 if you did not receive Advisor Resource Council’s brochure or if you have any questions about the contents of this supplement.

Additional information about Robert Hand is available on the SEC’s website at

Item 2 – Educational Background and Educational Experience



Year of Birth: 1980


Formal Education after high school:

  • 1998-2002; Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, AR, BA
  • 2004-2007; Regent College, British Columbia, Canada; MA

Business Background:

  • 03/2021-Present; Advisor Resource Council, Investment Advisor Representative
  • 03/2021-Present; LPL Financial, LLC; Registered Representative
  • 08/2019-01/2021; University of Texas at Tyler, Adjunct Professor
  • 07/2019-Present; Kregel, Inc; Editor
  • 08/2016-Present; LeTourneau University; Adjunct Professor
  • 05/2014-Present; Dunbar Group, LLC; Owner/Editor/Designer
  • 06/2008-05/2014; Baker Publishing Group; Editor

Item 3 – Disciplinary Information

Robert Hand is not subject to legal or disciplinary events that are material to a client or prospective client’s evaluation of his or the services he offers.

Item 4 – Other Business Activities

Robert Hand is dually registered as an advisory representative of Advisor Resource Council and as a registered representative of LPL Financial, a registered broker/dealer, member of the Financial Regulatory Authority and SIPC. Clients are under no obligation to purchase or sell securities through Robert Hand. LPL Financial and Advisor Resource Council are not affiliated. Robert Hand is an independent contractor of LPL Financial.

Robert Hand may recommend clients implement recommendations through LPL Financial. If clients implement investment recommendations through LPL on a non-fee basis, Robert Hand will receive a commission. Additionally, as further disclosed in the Disclosure Brochure under the section entitled Fees and Compensation, Robert Hand may receive trail compensation for investments directed through LPL Financial. As such, he may have an incentive to sell you commissionable products in addition to providing you with advisory services when such commissionable products may not be suitable. Alternatively, he may have an incentive to forego providing you with advisory services when appropriate, and instead recommend the purchase of commissionable investments, if he deems that the payout recommending the purchase of these investments would be higher than providing management advice on these products for an advisory fee. Therefore, a conflict of interest may exist between his interests and your best interests.

It is important clients refer to the disclosures under Brokerage Practices in the Disclosure Brochure.

Robert Hand is not actively engaged in any other investment-related business or occupation.

He is actively engaged in any other business or occupation for compensation. “Actively engaged” is deemed to mean the business activity represents more than 10 percent of his time and income. He maintains employment through Dunbar Group and Kregel Inc earning income as an editor. He also maintains employment under LeTourneau University as an Adjunct Professor. These activities equate to approximately 80% of Robert’s income.

Item 5 – Additional Compensation

Clients are advised that the amount of commissions paid by LPL Financial to Robert Hand can fluctuate based on his overall production. Therefore, the more business placed by Robert Hand through LPL Financial can enable him to reach another threshold enabling him to earn a higher payout.

Robert Hand does not receive any economic benefit (i.e. sales awards and other prizes) for providing advisory services from a non-client.

Item 6 - Supervision

Supervision and oversight of the activities conducted through Advisor Resource Council are conducted by Sarah Pais, Chief Compliance Officer, and her Compliance Delegates. Sarah Pais can be contacted at (972) 421-1360. Sarah Pais and her Compliance Delegates review all transactions in clients’ accounts. Additionally, all account required to establish an account for a client must flow through Sarah Pais or her Compliance Delegates. Sarah Pais and her Compliance Delegates have procedures in place to be aware of any outside business activities engaged in by Robert Hand, oversee communications with the public, and review personal trading activities of Robert Hand as well as any account over which Robert Hand has a direct or indirect beneficial interest.

As a registered representative of LPL Financial, Robert Hand is subject to oversight by LPL Financial over all his securities activities and certain outside business activities. Such oversight includes review of Robert Hand’s securities business to ensure he appears to be conducting suitable business.

Because Robert Hand is a dually registered agent of LPL Financial and Advisor Resource Council, LPL Financial has certain supervisory and administrative duties to the requirements of Code of Conduct Rule 3040. In that regard, LPL Financial will require and furnish certain account opening documentation to be completed by the client and Robert Hand. Once all such materials and forms have been completed by clients in consultation with Robert Hand, he is required to submit these materials and forms to LPL Financial for review and approval, in its capacity as Robert Hand’s Broker/Dealer. Such review does not include the provision of investment advisory services to the Advisor Resource Council’s client account.