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Azalea Wealth Partners is a private, independent wealth management practice based in Tyler, Texas, serving the entire east Texas region and beyond. We are your and your family’s resource for engaging and relevant market expertise, experienced financial counsel, and personal investment selection and management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with confidence in your investments in any market environment through custom portfolio management. We specialize in investment management so that you are free to focus on your own priorities.

The Partnership

Your relationship with your advisors is a personal one. We work with you at your pace and seek to provide you with the confidence you and your family need to live freely, give generously, and leave the legacy you want.



Portfolio Management

Our area of expertise is crafting custom portfolios that seek to weather any market environment. Whether you are just getting started on your investment journey and looking far out into the future or nearing the end of your working life and looking to preserve your hard-earned capital, you are in good hands with our experienced and analytical team.


Small Business Services

We understand Texas small businesses because we are one too. Taking a big risk on yourself can mean big rewards, and you are in good company with a team who shares and lives out your vision week in and week out. From creative and efficient retirement plan services for you and your team all the way to navigating a successful exit, we aim to be with you every step of the way.



Whether you are currently working hard to build wealth or have already accumulated assets, preserving your wealth is an important building block of keeping it and successfully passing it along to your loved ones. From basic income replacement to more complex strategies, you can rest well knowing we strive to preserve your hard-earned capital.

Our Team

We strive to offer our clients objective, independent wealth management services and investment advice.



The stock market has become increasingly jittery with the S&P 500 experiencing a 5% pullback in addition to recent highs. The Fed continuing to delay its first rate cut, declines in technology and artificial intelligence stocks, and tensions in the Middle East have all contributed to market volatility. While short-term declines and uncertainty are a normal part of investing, what perspectives should investors consider to stay focused on the long run, and how do oil...
In times of market uncertainty, investors often seek the safety of cash. This has been true over the past several years as markets have swung due to the pandemic, geopolitical events, Fed rate hikes, inflation, gridlock in Washington, technology trends, and more. More recently, the possibility of worse-than-expected inflation and a delay of the first Fed rate cut have led to renewed investor concerns. At the same time, interest rates on cash are at their...
Stock and bond markets have struggled during the first trading weeks of 2024 as investors questioned the probability of a "soft landing" and what it may mean for the timing and size of Fed rate cuts later this year. Market-based measures still suggest that the Fed could cut rates by 25 basis points five or six times this year, beginning in May and possibly as early as March, although the Fed recently signaled a slower...

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